Writing Tools Overview

The contents of what you enter using these tools is personal and not accessible by others.

Research Tools

Research Binder is the place to keep your notes, links, documents, and other files you accumulate while researching your project.

Planning Tools

Story Framework helps you build your plot if you’re a planner, or helps you discover and refine your plot during editing if you’re a pantser.

Character Builder helps you generate characters and keep track of the details about them.

World Builder keeps details about your storyworld.

Name Generator helps when you can’t think of a name for your character.

Production Tools

Online Editor edit.

Challenge Tracker lets you set a personal goal and track your progress against that goal. You can set your time period: daily, clusters of days, weekly, or specific days of the week. And you can set your parameter: words, scenes, chapters, or minutes—to use minutes you must use the online editor. Tracking is done by percentage of goal achieved. Note, this is the only tool which can be made visible to others in your group.

Focus Matrix is the to-do list that prioritizes your tasks. Know what’s important, what’s do when, and safely ignore those tasks that don’t really matter.

Time Manager uses the famous Pomodoro technique to keep you motivated and producing, by focusing on bite-sized chunks of time. Used faithfully you soon learn how much time any given task—such as writing a chapter, or that cover letter—takes.

Refinement Tools

Manuscript Checker check.

Marketing Tools

Contact List little black book.

Submission Tracker

Management Tools

File Manager